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Buy Your Eco-Friendly Watch With ikColouring

Ikcolouring is a high-quality watch brand from Denmark. It is a mechanical watch which does not need any battery charging. It is also one of the most bestselling brands of watches in Denmark. They come in a wide variety of their own specific utilities and functions from which you can choose that which suits your needs and preferences.

Highly sustainable and environment-friendly
The materials used to make this time showing device is natural and does not cause harm to the environment in any way. No harmful chemicals or metals are used but simple sustainable metals.

Mineral glass
Mineral glass is a form of tempered glass that is made from silica. Most watches use Plexiglass which often does not last long and breaks easily as it contains plastic along with the glass. Mineral glass is known for its high quality and for being durable and unbreakable. All ikColouring watches use only mineral glass.

Mechanically powered
This device is mechanically powered which is an innovative technology that takes the energy from you. The only charging you need to do is wear it on your wrists i.e. its working mechanism is of energy generated movement. The mechanisms used are of the top-notch quality and you can be carefree about wearing it all day long.

No battery
Unlike many watches today that needs to be repeatedly charged or changing of batteries, ikColouring uses only the recent technology which drives the watch mechanically with no battery power needed whatsoever. This means no battery replacing or recharging needed.

Unlike other metals that often give in to rust after constant moisture, this watch is both rust-free and waterproof. This is due to the complete stainless steel metal body that creates a sturdy watch and makes it last longer.

The manufacturer provides a complete one-year movement warranty with the watch with no hidden costs.

The designs offered are varied and of many types according to your needs and preferences. Their main focus is on making these designs not only physically attractive but also highly functional and resilient for rough and everyday use for the modern urban man.

Watches offered
Ikcolouring black- One of the bestsellers in the market known for its minimalistic and definitive black look. It is the classic go to watch with a black leather strap and mechanical gold movement inside the dial. The designs inside are complicated and one of a kind.

Ikcolouring S109- This watch has more of a stylish and modern look with a silver metal body and mechanical steel movement dials inside.
Ikcolouring S102 – Made with a black metal body and elegant gold dials, this men’s watch is durable and highly functional. This is often chosen for its graceful and sophisticated look.
Ikcolouring S105 – Similar to the S102 model the only difference being that this watch focuses more on the sustainability of the device ass a whole along with its robust design and look.

Ikcolouring is the best bet if you want a watch that can last you a while providing you with a functional design and elegant and sustainable styles.

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