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Why Should You Choose Andy1st driving school

Driving is a skill that comes in handy almost every day. One of the most exciting thing in life is learning to drive and the thrill of knowing that soon you will be able to drive anywhere you want. There are several driving schools which offer to teach people driving. The art of learning to drive is different for every person. For some, it is extremely easy and they just need one day to learn the basics. For others, it is a tiring experience and they require a very long time to even grasp the basic concept of driving. Andy1st driving school is one of the top driving schools in Leicestershire, UK. Continue reading the article to learn more about this driving school and why you need to choose this driving school.

Andy1st Driving School

Andy1st driving school offers to teach driving to people and is based in Leicester, Leicestershire, UK. The school offers driving lessons for both manual and automatic cars. There are both female and male driving instructors in this driving school. The instructors of this driving school cover the area of Leicester and its surrounding places. Within Leicester, they cover areas such as Aylestone, Beaumont Leys, Abbey Ward, Bede Island, City Center, Dane Hills, Evington, Gilmorton Estate, Hamilton, Highfields, Knighton, Thornby Lodge, and many other areas. All the instructors are approved by the Driving Standards Agency and they each have had hundreds of student who have successfully learned the art of driving under them. The driving school promises to give the students a 100% commitment to teaching them to drive, not just for the sake of knowing how to drive, but also for entertainment purpose.

Offers by Andy1st Diving School

As one of the top driving schools in Leicestershire, Andy1st has special offers for people who want to sign up for the driving course. They offer discounts to students, refresher lessons for people who have been out-of-touch with driving, motorway training to all the students, cheap crash courses, and cheap introductory offers as well. For new drivers, they have beginner’s offer for lesson in manual cars.

About Andy1st Driving School

Based in Leicester, Leicestershire, UK, this driving school offers driving lessons in manual cars, as well as in automatic cars. This driving school is less expensive and with just a few pounds, you can become an expert driver. Helping people find pleasure in driving and making them from being learner drivers to new drivers are their goals.

The cars they use for the driving lessons are comfortable and properly maintained to the highest standards. These cars are all dual-control vehicles and for safety’s sake, they are replaced every six months.


While learning to drive is an exciting thing to do, it is also important to have the best instructors to teach you how to drive. Andy1st Driving School is a driving school which makes learning to drive both exciting and educational. We hope that reading this article will help you in choosing this school for your driving lessons.

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