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How To Choose Best Women’s Running Shoes – The Ultimate Guide

Running is a basic exercise for humans to be fit. Since running involves a healthy exercise for one’s physical and mental health, it is utmost necessary to run in a proper manner to extract the best from this healthy exercise. Though there are not a lot of things required to run, but there should be one’s dedication and high spirit to follow a daily routine of running in this busy life. One more thing that is very necessary for successfully completing a running exercise is a pair of shoe; they help the runner to keep away from any strain on body or muscles pains etc. In fact, they ease out the running exercises for the runners with providing a comfortable fit on the uneven roads and paths.

There are various kinds of shoes available in a market, sports shoes, casual shoes, running shoes, sneakers, loafers and basketball shoes. The shoes available differ in a broad category based on genders i.e. shoes for men and women. Best women’s running shoes differ from that of a male in many ways. Some of them are as follows

Feet shape – The women’s feet varies in a majority of factors from that of men’s feet such as the ball of the foot, the sides, and the first toe, also the arch. Usually, men have wider and longer feet when compared to that of women.

Lower body mass – Majority of women have lower body mass when compared to men. They basically have 15% less body mass than men and hence the shoes engineered for them differ in the mass they have to deal with.

Q-angle – Women have a wider portion of hips when compared to men and hence they have higher Q-angle and therefore the shoes engineered for women have to be different to maintain that perfect angle of incidence to the patella.

Guide to Choosing the Running Shoes for Women
While going to buy ones most important part of running gear, there are certain points and facts to keep in mind such as,
The shoe must be purchased keeping in mind the type of workout or running pattern the person would be choosing. Since the wrong pair can lead to injuries or soreness and also can affect the performance at major events if the person is an athlete.

Since running is a fast and speedy exercise, it is utmost important to have a correct fit of the pair of shoes a person purchases. Therefore, one should try shoes first and should buy the one which is comfortable and fit for their feet.

The purchaser can even visit running shoe shops and ask them to shoe some pair of shoes specifically designed for running purposes since there is majority of shoemakers who are researching and developing about running shoes and then designing and launching the shoes for ease and comfort of their customers.

Some of the stores may offer a ‘Gait Analysis’, this analysis requires the buyer to run on a treadmill to check the response of the shoe and their feet on a computer. It helps the purchaser and the shopkeeper to provide the best womens running shoes to the purchaser.

Running shoes in the modern era have varied classification with different shoes for training purposes and some shoes are even sports specific such as football, basketball etc. women should choose best womens running shoes depending on the type of sport they want to play or take part in.

While buying any pair of shoe from retail stores, one should also check online stores for best womens running shoes with some discounts if any!

Women might be an athlete or a casual day jogger, yet they need to understand that there is a difference with each pair of shoe wore on road, off road, for cross training, and on tracks etc. The best-fit pair of a shoe should only be chosen after prioritizing the most important aspect of the running shoe required to be considered by each individual. Shoes are purchased for oneself and hence one should carefully analyze the criteria, factors which contain the most amounts of value and then but a pair of running shoe. There are a wide variety of best women’s running shoes available in the market and hence it again calls to have some guidelines for choosing the best women’s running shoes. Every woman must buy a cushioning and a comfortable pair of shoe for oneself and then only it can be entitled as one of the best women’s running shoes.

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