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Finding your favorite anime with

Anime has been one of the most important parts of every childhood. We had awesome shows like Noddy, Doraemon, Kochikame, etc. who not only used to entertain us but also inculcated habits within us by giving life lessons and encouraging us to be fearless by displaying heroism. The minds back then were innocent and we used to believe everything that anime taught us. Even though the parents used to force to get off watching television, we used to.spend hours together eating biscuits sitting in front of our television sets. After the end of a certain period, anime was just pulled off television channels. Until this time, the internet was pretty well developed.

This brought us our second option. We can now use the internet to watch our old animated shows that brightened up our childhood. Animated shows can be watched either be watched on online platforms such as YouTube or other platforms that allow you to stream the shows using the internet. One of such websites that allow you to watch anime is The website has a huge collection of the animated shows that you can stream online on your desktop as well as on your phone.

How to watch your favorite anime?
Now that our popular childhood anime has been pulled off television channels, you can use online platforms to watch your favorite anime. Now, you will not get everything you want on YouTube. It has some or the other part missing and you would not want that. So now, you to tune to other websites that will allow you to watch all the episodes. has various categories from which you can watch your anime. The categories are as follows:
1 Newest
2 Adventure
3 Action
4 Romance
5 Fantasy
6 Drama
7 Fiction
8 Others
There are many other categories other than the ones mentioned. There is also a feature which allows you to login into the website. The benefits of logging in to the website are that you can save your favorite series and bookmark the favorite episode. You can also request the developers to notify you about when the new episode is going to launch. By logging into the website, you can also create a playlist of your favorite episodes which you can play when you are bored of if you’re too bored to do anything. One the home page of the website you can see the list of latest episodes and select the one you want to watch.

The other options
Also, there is a search button where you can type the name of your favorite anime series or the anime that you want at that moment. You will get the results in the form of seasons and you can then start watching the series.
There is an option to download the anime of your choice too. When you select the anime you want to watch, there will be an option to download that anime. You will also be able to select the resolution in which you want to watch or download the episode. is a blessing for all those 90s kids who have been missing their childhood superheroes for a long time.

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