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Reasons to Choose Kundenwachstum

Kundenwachstum or customer growth purely relies on the ability of the company to meet the demands of the clients within the specified time in the most efficient manner possible. Before discussing customer growth marketing, one must know what are quintessential requirements of skill-sets required to achieve prominent customer growth. The employee must undergo proper marketing coaching by a trained marketing coach or a marketing consultant to strategize techniques that directly influence customer growth. There are numerous concepts of marketing that should be dealt with in a detailed manner in these coaching courses.


Customer Growth

All companies undeniably rely on marketing for their growth as well as the customer growth. It has been found that almost 88% of companies use Content Marketing as a means to attract huge numbers of customers into their company. Content Marketing is the abstract concept of marketing by creating, designing and advertising content online, in social media and popular webpages. In addition to increasing the customer base, it also increases online sales for that company marginally. It also cultivates sample marketing, where a string of users joins the company as advised by the first user who would have joined a long time back.

Studies conclude that Content marketing has been only focussing on acquiring customers and not on their growth after the acquisition. Hence a new concept of Growth Marketing was introduced. Growth Marketing works by defining the value of the customer at the beginning and continuously keeps adding to the value by increasing the frequency of purchases made by the customer in the future. This concept can be more explicitly carried out by the following methods.

  • The most useful channel of marketing for the customers must be chosen first. It should also increase the acquisition and growth of the acquired customers.


  • The weak marketing concepts must then be strengthened to support a wider variety of customers and to impart growth to them.


  • These weaknesses are discussed thoroughly by the entire team and a solution must be come up that not only eliminates the weakness but also converts it into a passive strength for the customer and for the company.



  • All these methods are executed and tested. If they bring out any kind of significant customer growth, they are repeated in the same way again to ensure consistent development of the business and to expand the number of clients for the company.


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