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Workout and vitamin intake – The Way to Fitness

About Vitamins

Vitamins are the fundamental building blocks of the human body. These are the organic substance that the body needs for proper overall growth and develop normally. The human body needs thirteen types of vitamins for the basic development, these are vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and B-complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12). They have their specific jobs, if one of the vitamin’s has lower or higher levels the negative effects can be seen in the body. The best way to get vitamins are by taking a balanced diet with a variety of fruits, nuts, and milk.

Relationship between workout and vitamins

Relationship between workout and vitamins

Getting fit is one of the major requirement in this century, due to the epidemic diseases, obesity, social culture, and various other factors, fitness is one of the major requirement of human body, our body is a machine, to keep the machine healthy proper oiling and proper use must be followed, similarly in human body oiling refers to diet, sleep and proper work refers to exercise, active lifestyle and many more. Fitness refers to doing proper exercise, jogging, playing sports.

Going to the gym and doing workouts has seen a major growth in this 21st century, every possible human dream of getting Arnold’s body by doing the workout. When the workout starts, it leads to various situations where the body gets cramps, bloats and sometimes proper results cannot be seen, many times the reason is not having a proper balanced diet which means lack of vitamins and proteins. For proper development of body, vitamins are essential since vitamins are responsible for thousands of metabolic effects that occurs in the body.

About supplements

People that have active lifestyles require even more nutrients than the average non-active person. Many times, the requirement cannot be fulfilled by our diet which leads to breakage of metabolism. Now the role of supplements is highlighted. Supplements provide the body with the essential vitamins which are required by the body and is not fulfilled by diet. There are various supplements which can be purchased like whey protein, creatine, omega-3, glutamine, multivitamins. All these supplements have their role during a workout, but most people ignore the most important supplements i.e. multivitamins.

The multivitamin supplements work as a strong foundation for the body, without it getting into proper shape is limited to the books only. Without multivitamins, other supplements won’t be as effective as it needs to be. It also increases post workout recovery faster. All that is needed to do, is to take a multivitamin pill in the morning and that’s it for the day.

Vitamins intake for an athlete

Vitamins                     Men                Women

B1(Thiamine)              1.2mg              1.1mg

 B2(Riboflavin)                        1.3mg              1.1mg

B3(Niacin)                   16 mg              14 mg

B6(pyridoxine)                        1.3-1.7 mg       1.5 mg

B12(cobalamin)          2.4 mcg           2.4 mcg

B9(Folate)                   400 mcg          400 mcg

C                                  90mg               75mg

B9(folic acid)               5 mg                5mg

B7(biotin)                   30 mcg            30 mcg

D                                  600IU              600IU

Where to get supplements

Multivitamin supplements can be easily found online and in regular health food stores. All famous brands like ONN, muscle blaze, Ultimate Nutrition, A1 supplements, sell multivitamin pills.

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